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The story so far...

Mango & The Moon….where inspired British design meets the Spirit of India. 



Welcome to Mango & The Moon, your online destination for lovers of beautifully designed, unusual and uplifting home furnishings 🤩.  

A little bit about us; we are a small, family run company based in the heart of the English countryside.

Our mission is to create luxurious soft furnishings and homeware which celebrates the fusion of uplifting colours, intricate patterns and beautiful textures.

We source our fabrics exclusively from India – the pulsating centre of the world’s most vibrant textile industry and we are proud to have established long relationships with our suppliers and artisan makers there.

About us

Our story begins over 25 years ago ago when I set out on my career in the fashion business in which my job led to lots of travel throughout Europe and Asia. These journeys sparked a lifelong love for artisan crafts and fabrics as well as an enduring passion for India, its culture and its people. Most of all I was captivated by the beauty and sheer delight inspired by India’s incredible woven textiles and a seed of an idea was planted in my mind.

After many rotations of the moon, a happy marriage and a busy family later, those gleaming colours, shimmering shades and exquisite fabrics were still whispering to me, just asking to be brought to life.       

I knew I could fuse my homegrown design ideas with the glorious skills of the expert Indian weavers I’d met on my travels so with huge encouragement from my family and a giant leap of faith, I began the process of creating Mango & The Moon.

A return visit to India confirmed that my long held dream had begun to materialise. I was reminded of that irrepressible festival of colour which never fails to inspire and enchant and  my ideas for our luxurious soft furnishings and homeware ranges began to take shape. 

Finally, we are delighted to present our unique collection of furnishings -              all designed personally by me. Everything is made using beautifully crafted fabrics and cheerful trimmings to feed your soul, encourage you to step back,, take a breath, rest and be thankful.

Our Team

Our soft furnishings are hand crafted by a carefully chosen group of specialists in our Bangalore workshop. 

Our Ethics

Our aim is to create products that are unique; that add beauty, comfort and joy to the home.   We use great quality fabrics which are brought to life with care and skill to create furnishings that are made to last.

It is very important to us here at Mango & The Moon to support our immediate community in our workshop in India.  We provide a creche and we believe in fair pay and working hours. 

We also help the wider Indian infrastructure by supporting the Friends of Tribal Society Charity through an annual donation and participating in fund raising programmes. 

All of our products are recyclable.

Wherever possible, we source all our components as locally as possible.

We try to use small, independent UK based suppliers – our cushion fillers for example are made just up the road as are our cardboard boxes.

Our packaging is recycled and recyclable. 

Please enjoy browsing – we hope our passion for colour, pattern, and texture  will deliver our message of joy to your own happy home.

 Warm wishes,